ngebloggg ahh.ahahahaa.OOMIIGEE, the hills has the new episode!YAY!!!imm soooooo waiting this for like a decade you know, well from the episode 18, which is the last before this, i thought its going to be over, but eveyrthing seems to be hang up, so YAY!!MTV, you are sooooooo, ahhh tau ah, pokoknya, keren abis, thanks adams levielo.ahahaha, sorii for the wrong spelling.lol!

current activity:watch the hills episode 19!

huahahahaha, gilaa menn, 40 detik pertama aja udah keren abis.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they gone to paris!!HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

okay that post is about 24 hours ago, and im just too lazy to continue what i just wrote.soo yeah, the hills having a new episode, and with new characters, full of drama, hotties that just keep on adding up, and of course the maturity of our beloved HEIDI and LAURENT.sweet!:)

it just some killing times, so yeah, nothing important to say from yesterday event.well, the movie making for english is done, and I'm just so relieved that we had something to show on monday, since its already being delayed for about 2 month, i think, or even more, see it just getting worst, if we're not finished that up.to closed the paragraph,alahhh, sok english abis sich gue,lol!, this is the the first and the last task they've been done for the holiday, and that mean, HELLO TO THE TRUCKS OF WORK people.oo yeah!

just got back from senci, and have to go again to SENCI, cause daddy needs to had his phone taken.and di service gitu lahh, and i had to take it, well daripada ngak ngapain2 sichh, its alright for me lahh.

but i dunno yahh, the first two hours of jalan, i feel like, im the most productive person i can be in this week, since its holiday.so, gitu.and after mommy came back from her medical check up, i feel kayaknya gue ilang semua feeling itu, and gue ngak mau ngapain2 lagi.and its soo freaky, and i just realized that, im being too much living in the light of glamour, or should i say, santai saja life, or whatsoever itu lahh.pokoknya gitu,gue sadar satu hal, bahwa dalam beberapa bulan ini, gue terlalu banyak meng-apply itu dalam idup gue, which something yang bukan gue aja gitu lohh.i mean, i should feel that, cause it just an issue that need to be done, eh?!or not?or it just somethin that come and go?i have no answer to do that, for now?or the most stupid reason is that, because school is start in about 2 days, and i feel bad for that, apa gimana lahh gue ngak ngerti, tapi gituu loo.

gue pusing, and i just wanna be the rama who are very strick on ebery single thing yang ada di depan dia, mau sekecil apapun itu, gue akan kayak gitu.cause, i think that what me, and makes me go forward, and gue juga ngak ngerti juga mau gimana lagi buat bikin gue untuk maju coba.aduhhh, i think i have a slightly mental breakdown, in the last weekend in the holiday.

current mood: desperately need something ***
current act : mau pergi sebentar ke senci and udah dimarahin nehh :(

buhhbye, sori for the unhappy post from my life.whateve!:(

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