drama in (love!)

now im still school killing time for my arrival to my hell house.ahahaha, yeahh right, gimana ngak, like yaa gituu lahh.

hmm. i've been thingking lately why people wanna be in one relationship or whatsoever, yang pokoknya ending up yang namanyua punya pacar, i mean itu kan pentig, buat some people, even me, gue sich juga ngerti kenapa, but one thing sebelon gue lanjut is that, love is the game that addictive but once you over that, hahahaa, you will regret it for such a long time?soo is'nt it still sweet?hmmm, not really i think.

so lke i dunno why im writting all of this, it just pop in my mind, cause what i've been experienced in a while is that, having a couple is a fashion to do, its like a statement that you should do!wow, thats interesting thing to talk rite?well, oo well., ya udah lahhh...

so another thing to talk?kayaknya, fall in love itu in this time of age, bisa dibilang normal, cause you know, especially in men, the hormone of testoterone sedang beraksi super cepat, and sometimes bisa bikin jerawat kita itu numbuh super gede, aduhhh, nyebelin ABIS!!!but yeahh, gitu, and desire untuk punya cewek, or anything yang ada connection with opposite sex itu sangat tinggi, so it makes it kayak gituu tadi, and yeah, punya pacar juga salah satnya lhooo.ahahahaha.

in the first emang enak, yaaa, always has someone to say "good morning, hun..". or "whatcha you doin, i miss you soo much!!", "lets go to the movie together..", and many more lahh, i mean im not a love dokter gituu yee, tapi yang pasti theres this soothing feeling gituu deee, cause i've been having this, kayaknya tuuhh enak banget, but you know the bad effect of this is that, adanya ketergantungan pada semua ini, yang bisa bikin waktu kita udah ngak di realtionship yaaa, gituu dee, kayak "eughh, my world is like falling apart!", "its a mistake to love you", or banyak lagi. padahal kalo kita pikir lagi, and gue sendiri pikir lagi, itu semua dateng dari diri kita sendiri kan??!!ngak ada yang salah atau bener siii?!soalnya siapa juga coba?or one conclusion to this theory is let it be, let it be.yaa daripada bleeding love ngak jelas, and nangis semaleman, aduhh thats the classic drama, as always.

gue ngak tau yang namanya the perfect couple or apalah itu, but im sure gue mau satu.having it rite now at HS life, bisa dibilang ada positive and negativenya, and yaa gituu dee,i continue later okay, cause people just getting here too many.

lol, xoxo, rama!

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